Some highlights of serving on a committee:

  • Have three to four committee members, all of whom should be PABJ members
    hold regular meetings as needed (monthly or bi-monthly), can be via conference call or in-person
  • Send the PABJ president or secretary information regarding committee meeting times/dates to be included in member outgoing announcements
  • Report to the board re: the status of the committees progress, usually monthly and/or if and when applicable
  • If the committee will be producing an event, submit an event sketch AND budget to the board and membership for approval
  • For any committee events, submit a final event report including: a) details on the program/event information that took place AND b) a financial breakdown of the event costs and/or revenue


Develops and assists in implementing programs for the Philadelphia chapter.
Chair: Ernest Owens



Develops and assists in implementing programs for the Philadelphia chapter.
Chair: Vincent Thompson



Develops and distributes criteria for PABJ scholarships given to worthy college students majoring in journalism in the greater
Philadelphia area.
Chair: Charlene Horne



This group is responsible for the production of the chapter’s premiere event of the year.
Co-Chair: Denise James
Co-Chair: Kristin Holmes


Media Monitoring

This group monitors journalism companies in the greater Philadelphia region for instances of fairness or equality toward African Americans in their coverage and employment practices. Media Monitoring also highlights publications across the country for their outstanding diversity and progress that’s being made in their respective workplaces.
Chair: Denise Clay



This group is responsible for raising money for the organization’s operating budget.
Chair: Ernest Owens


PABJ Monitoring Hollywood

This group oversees the production of PABJ's annual Monitoring Hollywood symposium.
Chair: Vacant


Entrepreneurship Journalism Task Force

Fosters collaboration, investment, training, and support among content creators & journalists-of-color to aimed at increasing and expanding opportunities to engage and reach multiplatform audiences
Co-Chair: Camari Ellis
Co-Chair: Michael Butler


Arts and Entertainment Task Force

The PABJ Arts and Entertainment Task Force is available to members who cover the vibrant arts and entertainment scene in the Delaware Valley. This task force also seeks to create opportunities for PABJ to engage and engage the broader arts and entertainment community.
Co-Chair: Kathia Woods
Co-Chair: Jamyra Perry


Associate Member Task Force

The Associate Member Task force is comprised of members with a background in public relations or other related fields who represent a significant portion of PABJ membership . The group's purpose is to provide support and programming for associate members.
Chair: Chantale Belefanti

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