Tauhid Chappell




Ahmaud Arbery

Tony McDade

Breonna Taylor

George Floyd


The deaths of these four innocent Black community members weigh heavily on our hearts. The Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists is invigorated by the community’s response, through the peaceful gatherings, ongoing protests and civic engagement that support the calls for reformation, restoration, justice and the further exposure and deconstruction of the blatant injustices and racism that continues to plague our Black communities.


It’s during this critical time that Black journalists are needed now more than ever to reveal these injustices, expose the uncomfortable truths and hold complicit institutions accountable for their actions and their gross treatment of our peers — Black journalists who are working diligently, intentionally and with fervor to center and uplift the voices of the marginalized and disenfranchised, to give context and the necessary nuance that helps the public understand the impact police brutality has on our community’s psyche and safety, and to elevate the needed perspectives of our Black community peers and leaders into the stream of the public consciousness to underline the hard truths that bear repeating over and over: the response that we see here in our city and our country, the responses to these generational injustices, will continue to be the same, until the necessary changes within every single fabric of our society are reformed.


Simply put, Black journalists must be allowed to tell the stories of their communities without interference from police, without unlawful detainment and arrest and without censorship from their own newsrooms who historically have suppressed the freedom of Black journalists to their truths to maintain the status quo.


No longer. 


PABJ stands behind all Black journalists during these turbulent and tough times. Continue to do the diligent work to expose these injustices, hold the powerful and complicit accountable for their actions, and be vocal about highlighting solutions and changes that make our communities safer, make our work equitable and address the trauma inflicted upon our communities time and time again. 


Be safe, and continue to write the first draft of history for the generations to come. 


PABJ’s Executive Board